January 2024

Unveiling the URA Master Plan: Transforming Park Hill Beauty World for a Sustainable Urban Village

The Park Hill Beauty World development stands to benefit greatly from the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Master Plan in Singapore. This plan is set to transform Beauty World into a dynamic and sustainable urban village, bringing a host of advantages to the area and its residents. By enhancing the already desirable residential area, the URA Master Plan has the potential to greatly increase the value of properties like Park Hill Beauty World and significantly improve the quality of life for its inhabitants. Let’s explore the details of how the Master Plan will benefit Park Hill Beauty World and its residents.

The Master Plan proposed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in Singapore has set the stage for a major transformation of Beauty World, which is expected to bring a multitude of advantages to developments like Park Hill and its inhabitants. With the goal of creating a vibrant, eco-friendly urban village, the Master …